Self-Help Troubleshoot Guide

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If you are having trouble, try the following steps that tend to resolve common issues involved with your website.

  1. If you cannot access your website, make sure you are still connected online and your computer is up to date and functioning properly.
  2. If you are still unable to access your website, make sure your hosting provider is not down. Late bills or technical issues with the hosting provider are common issues. Additionally, a hosting provider will sometimes take a website down temporarily for maintenance.
  3. Did you or someone with access to your website change something recently, which causes undesirable behavior? Common issues involve changing some of the theme’s code or in some cases, malicious scripts or hackers. Try reverting back your recent change, otherwise you might have to restore from backups.
  4. Make sure everything is updated. This includes WordPress itself, your current theme and/or child theme, and any active plugins. Go to Dashboard -> Updates and click the Update button to update any needed files.
  5. If your website, visually, looks off or broken: any customizations beyond our recommendations, such as too large font sizes or images will break our theme. Revert any recent changes you have made.

If, after checking the above recommendations, you feel did not address the issue at hand: please file a support ticket, keeping in mind our support policy on what we are able to support.