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Where can I demo the themes?

On the theme product page, anywhere you see the call to action, “View Demo,” will direct you to a demo version of that particular product.

What do I need, in order to create a website?

It depends on your personal needs and situation, but you will probably need a domain name and hosting, with a working and accessible WordPress installation.

Do you provide hosting? Domain names?

No. You will need to secure your own hosting that supports WordPress but which one you choose is entirely up to you. We have a list of recommended hosting providers for your convenience.

I purchased this theme, but I don’t know where to begin?

Please see our install guide.

My license has expired. Can I renew it again?

Yes, license renewal is the same process as purchasing the theme. You will need to copy your new license into your settings and activate it.

Are the recommended plugins required?

Absolutely not. In some cases we have built out solutions to facilitate the management and presentation of a particular type of content, e.g. a menu for a restaurant, a portfolio for a company, event calendars etc.

I need help, can I email you my problem?

No, we don’t currently have the means to answer support questions via email, phone, or chat. All active license holders of Viability products are entitled to support, so please see our support policy for details on how to receive support.

Can you build a certain theme for me?

Depends. We are releasing new themes on a regular bases and we want to hear what themes would be most useful for certain segments, however if you would like for Heavy Heavy to develop a custom solution please checkout our intake form.